This is the official Datacron Record for the Actions of the Defenders in the Guild Event The Grave Yard Shift - 16 March 2019

The Graveyard ShiftEdit

The Mayor of the Northern township of Mos Taike on Tatooine had raised concerns of the explosion of the krayt population. Putting citizens at risk and destroying local farms. Reaching out for help, word got to Darka Golloum who in turn reached out through encrypted comms to those Defenders who he had regained contact with. Arranging for assistance in pushing the giant monsters back into the valley

ScreenShot0056 - Back together again

Darka, Debelem and Olondo at Grey Fox City Shuttle

Into the Valley of DeathEdit

Darka, DeBelem and Olondo arrived at a local city of Grey Fox, after going over the plan the trio advanced deep into the Valley

ScreenShot0061 - Krayt Event 5

The Valley of Death

They were initially caught off guard by the numbers of the Krayt Dragons, there were far more then the Mayor had described. The Trio pushed deep into the Valley and pushed the dragons back, making sure they did not grow too bold and wander towards the local townships

ScreenShot0059 - Krayt Event 3

After a while Olondo was able to call in support from local Rebellion operatives and successfully evacuate to safety

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